Spontaneous Saturdays

The best days are always the unplanned ones :) Norway, in my opinion is an OC country.  Everything is on time, on the dot and according to plan.  It has its advantages of course but it is nice to break that predictability sometimes and just go with the flow and just do what you feel like doing instead.

And that´s just what André and I did yesterday.  We woke up with sun streaming through our window and that got us in the mood for some “breakfast in bed” playlist on Wimp (Norway´s version of Spotify). One can´t be totally lazy though because there is no “inday” you can call and ask for breakfast.  So I stood up and made coffee with André’s Aeropress.  It´s the second time I made coffee with Aeropress and I actually made it through the whole process without messing it up.  I swear, that thing is complicated!

Spirits up and moods sunny, we decided to go to Oslo and just wander around.  We knew that there was a book festival going on and were thinking of dropping in and checking out some of the programs.

Eyvind Hellstrøm, on the left, promoting his book on making the best ice cream

Eyvind Hellstrøm, Norway´s famous Michelin star chef was promoting his book on making the best ice cream.  His reputation among Norwegians is quite varied.  I think he is a very skilled and knowledgeable chef.   Quite a character but not as boisterous and obnoxious as Gordon Ramsay.  He has quite an impressive resume and is respected in the field.  He has also sat as one of the judges in Bocuse D’or which for me is quite a feat to achieve.  I have yet to eat in Paul Bocuse´s restaurant in Lyon where they hold Bocuse D’or, so that´s another reason to go back to France.

locally produced cream cheese

While wandering around the book festival, André discovered that there was a food festival going on as well, in another part of the city.  Which was just perfect as we were getting hungry.  We are always drawn to the farmers market, with its fresh and local produce.  We bought cream cheese from one of the local farms and it tasted heavenly.

At this point, we were debating on whether to continue just wandering around or do the groceries and head home after.  It felt so nice just wandering around that we decided to just continue doing that, even if we knew that we weren´t gonna have bread for breakfast the next day.  In Norway, not having bread  is like not wearing under garments but not having bread for a day can´t be that bad, right?

Justisen, a traditional, rustic bar and resto which became known as a hang-out of lawyers and politicians due to its proximity from the govt buildings

We continued walking and ended up having an early dinner in Justisen, a small rustic resto situated in Oslo´s government area, making it a popular eating place for lawyers and politicians.  Dinner was beef stew with rice and salad.  Comparable to a pinoy meal so I was one happy pinay after that :)

We both were curious to watch Oslo 31 August so we checked the screenings and took the tram to the cinema.  It was a very good film and it aptly showed this sensitive side of Oslo which everyone is trying their best to hide.  It tells of a man who was about to get out of rehab and was presented all these scenarions where he can start anew and actually be happy, but in the end, still decided to go the other direction, on the 31 August.

Tea Lounge, a cozy bar in Grünerløkka :)

I know, we could have called it a day already but I was still in the mood to do something.  The area where we watched the movie is littered with bars, pubs and restos so we trekked to one of ‘em bars and had a drink or two.  It was a perfect ending, the bar was cozy and the music, soothing.  No drunken behaviour here, just a nice and warm tingly buzzing sensation from the mojito and appletini.

Oslo, is not a city that will wow you, not like how Paris made my jaw drop.  It is a city that grows on you, a city where you eventually would want to spend your spontaneous saturdays :)

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