Brown Cheese, please!

BrunostIt took me quite a while to eat this stuff and it took even longer to blog about it.  I think the skepticism lies behind the fact that it´s brown, I mean, come on, a cheese that´s brown in color?  It is made from whey which is a by product when making cheese.  The brown color surfaces when the milk sugars caramelizes, thus giving this cheese that distinct color.

I started eating it when I tried it with waffles.  A  fresh-from-the-wafflemaker waffle tastes very good with this.  It literally melts in your mouth.  The transition from waffle to bread took a while but since this “cheese” is always a part of our grocery list, I knew that I had to take that step one day.  And I did, and never looked back since :)

I was thinking I should introduce it as a caramel block instead so people will just devour it right away and not look doubtfully at it when introduced as a cheese. It does actually taste like dessert because it´s sweet and caramel like in texture.  I usually have this on my last slice of bread topped with strawberry jam and the husband and I would always refer to it as our dessert.  Just think of it as condensed milk in your pandesal :)

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